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Fidan's debut novel is finally here! 

Book Cover Design 2.5
Fidan shamelessly embarks on a hunt for the love of her life, testing her patience,  determination and belief that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to... This true story takes you on an extraordinary adventure chronicling a two- year love quest with an unexpected result. 


It all started as a blog over 10 years ago, and now is a heartwarming, quirky captivating novel. Fidan's story will reaffirm your faith in love, have you laughing at the unpredictable path of fate and leave you with a new found skill of confidance.

Over 5000 paperback books sold!

Limited Stock! All Orders processed within 3 business days.

I have always been very career driven and found myself in my early 30s without any prospects of settling down. So I set up a dating blog in June 2011 to keep me motivated to find a life partner. I considered myself a professional single taking low quality selfies in my bathroom like anyone trying online dating [picture to the right]. 


I like to keep things real - No sugar coating and No bullshit. 

I’m just a normal person who happens to be a Mum of twins, living in a loving de facto relationship, a divorce lawyer and an Equity Partner of a law firm. Featured in my book is Merlin the chihuahua who is always by my side.  I am proud of the person I have become and what I have achieved in my life so far. It all starts (and ends) with Confidance!

PS Sorry the book is so long, but I wanted to keep the journey real and the stories from my single days happen to be epic. 

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"[This Blog] is about as addictive as a chocolate coated crack cigarette"

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